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Banting Cauliflour Pizzabase - Recipe of the Week

BANTING: The famous Cauliflower pizza base made simple,  OH SO SIMPLE!!

As you all know by now the Tim Nokes diet, or more formally the diet by William Banting dating back to the late 1700′s, has its fundamentals based around high fat, low carbs and medium protein. This of course is nothing we are used to considering all the press over the years based around low fat, high protein, and a diet based around ‘good’ carbs and a  consistent exercise regime.

The idea behind the diet is that back in the day human kind only had LCHF options, and used fat as a source of energy. This of course makes sense when not combined with the many processed and hi carb foods produced today.

While I fully support the need for a LCHF diet if over the years you have struggled with weight issues, and the constant feeling of being bloated, but if you are a healthy, fit. normal human who likes his freshly baked bread and uses a good old pasta carbo load before the big race then in my eyes stick with it. I experimented and didn’t enjoy it, but my wife has stuck with it with good results, so if it is meant for you then go for it, but honestly, how can I pass up that steaming loaf of bread drizzled in olive oil with a crunch of rock salt on top?? not me!!! :)

Anyways, it has got me following the diet closely as I am a restaurant owner, and the latest rage within the ‘banting followers crew ‘ is the Cauliflower Pizza base. Obviously traditionally a pizza base uses flour, which is a big no no, so the great vegetable pioneers came up with a base comprising of Cauliflower… (hmm)

Having never eaten one before I set out to discover what the binding agent was within the cauliflower and it ended up being pretty simple remembering the principles are based around high fat content, (Cheese) medium protein (Egg), and Low carbs (Cauliflower).

So here’s my recipe for the Quattro Formaggi (four Cheeses) Cauliflower Pizza base! (sorry to any Italians) 

300g Cauliflower, 1 Egg, 1 Cup Mozzarella Cheese, 1/2 Cup Cheddar Cheese, 1/2 Cup Gruyere (I love the tang in it!) Parmesan for grating.

Blend the raw Cauliflower until a ‘Cous Cous’ consistency is formed. Add the cheese (Not the Parmesan) and egg and mix well with your hands.

Roll into balls and flatten on a non stick baking mat. This is important as it tends to stick to wax paper and makes it easier to get onto your plate at a later stage. If you have a mold or cutter that would be great for perfect circles but essential. It will start to crumble but don’t worry, simply push it together and shape around the edges with a knife. Remember, the cheese is still to melt!

Now grate the Paremesan over the entire surface of the Pizza base. This is not essential but adds an awesome Crust to the Pizza and acts as another binding agent to hold it all together. Bake in a 200 degree oven until golden brown. make sure not to cook it too far as it still needs to go back into the oven with all your toppings on!


In this example I used Wax Paper as I had left my non Stick mat at work! Dow!

Now the fun! Add whatever toppings you like, ignoring of course those pesky carbs, and put back into the oven until your toppings are gleaming with pride and ready to be munched! I would recommend some creamy Avo and some spicy Rocket to finish it off.. YUM!!!!

In conclusion it tastes good, and also works well as a breakfast Rosti. I have made smaller ones and top it off with Poached eggs, Springbok Carpaccio, and Hollandaise, or use it as  an burger bun replacement. ONce you get into the mindset the options are endless. So go forth and discover your own #banting combinations!!
Banting Cauliflour Pizzabase - Recipe of the Week Banting Cauliflour Pizzabase - Recipe of the Week Reviewed by Tutorials By Umair on 3:43 AM Rating: 5

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