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A Response To "Stop Whoring Out Your Undiagnosed 'Mental Illness'"

This is a response to the article Stop Whoring Out Your Undiagnosed ‘Mental Illness’. As someone who has suffered with anxiety all her life, I have to disagree with this article and try to shed some light onto just why this article strengthens the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Yes, mental illnesses can be self-diagnosable. It is actually an important step toward getting clinically diagnosed. Getting an idea if what you have and talking with people about it is an important step before visiting a doctor. While I was still in high school, I visited my doctor to talk to him about my anxiety. Yes, I knew I had anxiety before I talked to a doctor about it. I had anxiety attacks before I visited my doctor. On multiple occasions I felt my heart racing and experienced rapid breathing over trivial things before I visited my doctor. I was over-thinking trivial things before I visited my doctor. I knew I had anxiety before I visited my doctor.

One side-effect of anxiety called misophonia can only be diagnosed through self-diagnosis. I have misophonia, because I become enraged and feel myself on the verge of an anxiety attack at the smallest repetitive noise. See my article Misophonia: What It Is And My Experience With It for reference. If you Google the illness, you will see that under the description it says “usually self-diagnosable”. I have never been diagnosed with it by a doctor. However, it is still very much real, and very much present in my everyday life. I make it a goal to spread awareness of this disease, because not very many people know about it, and it is a method of coping with it. Should I stop doing that because I haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor? The answer is simple. No, I should not.

I will agree that some people label themselves having a specific mental illness just to get attention, which is very unfortunate. That too only strengthens the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. However, so does the article/writer I am responding to. Yes, it is important to call out those who mask themselves so they will get noticed and throw a pity party, but it could have been done in a more tasteful manner. Do not tell people to “stop whoring out [their] mental illness”. What message do you think that sends? That people should stop talking about their mental illness? That they should stop talking about what they’re going through, suffering through, battling through on a daily basis? Don’t you think that would discourage them, even a little?

What we need to do is lessen the stigmatism toward mental illness, and the way this article was articulated did not pull that off. The ways we can end the stigmatism is by talking about mental health. Talking about something and integrating it in society helps to normalize it. Talking about your mental illness does NOT mean you are “whoring” it out. It means you are looking for a solution, finding solace by confiding in other people, and normalizing mental health. So I say, normalize away!

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